Upon admission to the program, students are responsible for contacting and consulting with the graduate advisor in the chosen specialization listed Contact Information.

Before the end of the semester in which the student completes 9 graduate credits, or before the end of the second semester of study, whichever is last, the student must form, in consultation with the graduate advisor, an Advisory-Examining committee (A-E committee). This committee advises the student, supervises the student’s program of study, and conducts the student’s written comprehensive and final oral examinations. Failure to form this committee within the allotted time is sufficient cause for suspension from the program and removal from TAship applicant and reappointment lists.

The A-E committee must consist of at least three members of the graduate faculty, of whom two represent the student’s specialization and one represents the university at large. The two committee members who represent the student’s specialization are selected from the corresponding Spanish section, and the university-at-large member is selected from university faculty who are not members of this department. If a major-minor program is elected, at least two members must represent the major, one must represent the minor, and one must represent the university at large.

Students are advised to select first the chair of the committee (in the student’s field), and then to consult with the committee chair and the graduate advisor about selecting the remaining members. A list of graduate faculty who are not members of this department and who have served in previous committees is available in Appendix 5, but students need not limit themselves to selecting the university-at-large member from this list. The committee is formed when all of its members have signed the Advisory-Examining/Program of Study form, available for download from the graduate school website and, in printed form, at the department office. Once the form is signed by all of the committee's members, the student provides the graduate advisor, the committee chair, and the department office each with a copy of the form, and retains the original until its Program of Study portion is nearly complete, at which time the student presents it to the chair of the A-E committee for administrative processing.

The student's A-E committee, the Spanish graduate director, and the department chair, in consultation with the student, determine the student's program of study, including the thesis (if the student elects Plan A) and acceptable courses for completion of the degree. The A-E committee may require the student to take additional courses if, in its opinion, supplementary study is needed to achieve the expected level of mastery. It is the responsibility of the student and the A-E committee to ensure that the graduate courses in the program of study are consistent with the requirements of the graduate school and the department. The graduate dean has final approval of the program of study.

Committee member changes may be made only for valid reasons, like a committee member’s illness or absence from campus, but no change may be made without the approval of a majority of the section's graduate faculty. Failure to complete satisfactorily the written comprehensive or final oral examinations, or any portion of them, is not a valid reason for changing the make-up of the committee.

Continuous Registration

Graduate school regulations require students to maintain continuous registration of at least 3 credit hours per semester to retain graduate standing. Students studying for comprehensive exams or writing theses must (even if they are not in residence) register for at least 3 credit hours each semester (summers excluded) until graduation.