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Interim Program Director: Kathy Leonard, M.A.

The Spanish Basic Language Program (BSLP) consists of first and second year of Spanish language instruction. The program consists of two 4-credit (SPAN 111 and SPAN 112) and two 3-credit (SPAN 211 and SPAN 212) semester courses for students who are not native nor heritage Spanish speakers. For more information on the basic language courses, please follow the links below.

Spring 2015
SPAN 111: 
    Course Components       
    Syllabi:           MTWR    MW
SPAN 112   
    Course Components
    Syllabi:             MTWR    MW    TR
SPAN 211   
    Course Components
    Syllabi:             MWF      MW         TR         
SPAN 212
   Course Components
   Syllabi:               MWF    TR