Foreign Languages
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Interim Program Director: Kathy Leonard, M.A.

The Spanish Basic Language Program (BSLP) consists of first and second year of Spanish language instruction. The program consists of two 4-credit (SPAN 111 and SPAN 112) and two 3-credit (SPAN 211 and SPAN 212) semester courses for students who are not native nor heritage Spanish speakers. The computer-enhanced program using the WebCampus Learning platform. For more information on the basic language courses, please follow the below links.

Spring 2015
SPAN 111: 
    Course Components       
    Syllabi:           MTWR    MW
SPAN 112   
    Course Components
    Syllabi:             MTWR    MW    TR
SPAN 211   
    Course Components
    Syllabi:             MWF      MW         TR         
SPAN 212
   Course Components
   Syllabi:               MWF    TR