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Department of English Public Occasions Committee (POC) Funding Guidelines

Interested in bringing a visiting writer or scholar to campus?


After contacting the potential visitor to assure his/her interest in a visit and when he or she might be available to come to campus, immediately contact the POC to determine whether funding is available and if there are potential scheduling conflicts (the POC will not fund applications for programs/events that conflict with those already scheduled). Then complete the application below; attach a short narrative (no more than one page) in which you discuss how this visitor will benefit the department, our students, and if possible, the campus community and beyond. Also attach the potential visitor's vitae, artist's statement, or publications list. Please note that English Department funds are quite limited, so do pursue other funding sources (for example, apply to the Scholarly and Creative Activities Grants Program (see facultystaff/Hilliard), the ASUN, the Nevada Arts Council, the Nevada Humanities Committee, etc. The POC can help you approach these sources).

Arrange travel and accommodations, schedule a venue, and create and distribute publicity fliers, etc. (the POC can help you).

Please see Gailmarie (POC, Chair) or any other committee member if you have questions or would like your application reviewed.

For fullest consideration, please submit your application by September 15th for Fall term visitors.

Note: the release of funding is contingent upon receipt of full application and POC approval of scheduling.

POC Funding Application Form

1. Who is sponsor? Please list individual or committee contact information (names, email addresses, office phone numbers)

2. Who will introduce the visitor, arrange for a venue, handle hosting, prepare publicity?

3. Visitor Information:

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Mailing Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • Discipline or Professional Affiliation:
  • Citizenship: (if visitor is not a US citizen, see Cami regarding visa, SSN, etc.)
  • Title, Subject or Essence of Presentation:
  • Planned Events:
  • When and Where the Above will Occur:
  • Expected Audience(s) for Above:
  • Estimated Costs:
  • Honorarium:
  • Airfare/Mileage:
  • Hotel: (please consider home-stays)
  • Total:
  • Funds Requested from Department of English POC (up to $1000):
  • Funds Requested from Other Sources (specify):

Download the PoC Application.

Follow Through

  • Schedule travel (we cannot advance funds, only reimburse)
  • Schedule accommodations and determine hosting (we cannot cover the latter)
  • Schedule presentation venue
  • connect visitor with Cami to do paperwork. Please also furnish Cami with a complete copy of your application, including the response from POC awarding funds and the correspondence from any other sources that have committed funding (make sure this correspondence lists award amount, contact info, etc.) and the flier, etc., that you created for publicity purposes