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For a list of PhD dissertations and MA theses in the Department of English click here.

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Titles are listed in reverse chronological order, from the present to 1902. Note that search results do not distinguish between MA and PhD work.

Recent dissertations include the following:

"A Crisis of Space: Identity, Subjectivity, and Materiality in Contemporary American Fiction," by Eric Stottlemyer

"Rhetorics of Risk in American Homeownership," by Crystal Lynn Colombini

"Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch: Rural Civic Ethos from the Rhapsodes to Water Rights," by Marcia Kmetz

"Manly Natures: Masculinity and Environment in American Literature, 1782-1806," by James E. Bishop

"Framing First Year Writing: The Conceptual Metaphor of Journey and the Advanced Placement Program," by Seth F. Boyd

"Where Do We Go From Here? Conclusions and Community in the Postmodern American Novel," by Paul Knox

"Enviro-Toons: How Animated Media Communicate Environmental Themes," by Deidre M. Pike

"A Student-Centered Study of Advertising Theory and Curricula for Composition Classrooms," by Nick Plunkey

"The Surly Bonds of Earth: Discourses of Transcendence and American Flight Autobiography," by Denice H. Turner

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