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The list below provides a snapshot of graduate faculty and their fields of research expertise. For fuller profiles please see the Faculty Biographies.

Kathleen Boardman. Professor; PhD, 1992, University of Nebraska. Composition and rhetoric, autobiography and memoir, Western literature.

Phillip Boardman. Professor; PhD, 1973, University of Washington. Arthurian tradition, Middle English literature, Chaucer, the Bible.

Michael Branch. Professor; PhD, 1993, University of Virginia. American literature before the 20th century, ecocriticism and environmental literature, humor studies, film studies.

Angela R. Bennett Segler. Assistant Professor; PhD 2015, New York University. Medieval Literature, Middle English, Manuscript Culture and Codicology, Book History, Media Studies, Digital Humanities.

Stacy Burton. Professor; PhD, 1990, Cornell University. 20th-century comparative literature, literary and cultural theory, modernism and postmodernism, narrative, the novel, travel literature, gender studies.

Ian Clayton. Assistant Professor; PhD, 2010, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Phonology, phonetics, Scottish Gaelic, language documentation.

Catherine Chaput. Associate Professor; PhD, 2002, The University of Arizona. Rhetoric and cultural studies, the rhetoric of political economy, rhetorical theory and criticism, globalization studies.

Christopher Coake. Associate Professor; MFA, 2004, Ohio State University. Creative Writing (Fiction), Contemporary American Literature, Film.

Dennis Cronan. Associate Professor; PhD, 1986, University of Minnesota. Old and Middle English language and literature, Beowulf, Old Norse.

Jane Detweiler. Associate Professor; PhD, 1995, University of Louisville. Composition and rhetoric, narrative theory.

Elizabeth Francis. Associate Professor; PhD, 1970, Yale University. Victorian literature, children's literature, judicial writing.

Valerie Fridland. Associate Professor; PhD, 1998, Michigan State University. Sociolinguistics, language and gender, phonetic variation in regional speech.

Katherine Fusco. Assistant Professor; PhD, 2008, Vanderbilt University. American realism and naturalism, modernism, film studies, the novel, theories of celebrity, American studies.

Steve Gehrke. Assistant Professor; PhD, 2006, University of Missouri. Creative Writing, American literature, British romanticism.

Justin Gifford. Assistant Professor; PhD, 2006, University of Virginia. American literature, African American literature and culture, critical theory, American studies.

Cheryll Glotfelty. Professor; PhD, 1990, Cornell University. Ecocriticism and theory, environmental literature, Western American literature, Nevada studies, women's literature.

Donald E. Hardy. Professor; PhD, 1988, Rice University. Stylistics, computational linguistics, discourse analysis.

Jen Hill. Associate Professor; PhD, 2000, Cornell University. Nineteenth-century British literature, cultural studies, literatures of science and exploration, creative writing.

Ann Keniston. Associate Professor; PhD, 2002, Boston University. History and theory of poetry, modern and contemporary poetry, modern American literature, postmodern literature and theory, women's literature, creative writing (poetry).

Justin Lewis. Assistant Professor; PhD, 2013, Syracuse University. Technical communication, professional communication, rhetorical theory and criticism, intellectual property.

William J. Macauley, Jr. Associate Professor and Director, University Writing Center; PhD, 1999, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Composition and rhetoric, writing program/center administration, working-class studies.

James Mardock. Associate Professor; PhD, 2004, University of Wisconsin. Renaissance literature, drama, Jonson, Shakespeare, London in literature.

Ashley Marshall. Assistant Professor; PhD, 2009, Penn State University. Eighteenth-century British literature, satire, Swift, historiography and history.

Chris Mays. Assistant Professor; PhD, 2014, Illinois State University. Writing studies, rhetorical theory, cultural and public rhetorics, neurorhetorics, complexity and systems theory.

Dan Morse. Assistant Professor; PhD, 2014, Temple University. Global Modernisms, Media Studies, 20th-century British & Irish literature, the novel, critical theory.

Melissa Nicolas. Associate Professor and Director of Core Writing; PhD, 2002, The Ohio State University. Composition theory, pedagogy, and practice, writing program administration, feminism(s) in composition and rhetoric, disability studies, qualitative research.

Susan Palwick. Associate Professor; PhD, 1996, Yale University. Creative writing, speculative fiction, Tolkien, medical narrative, women and writing.

Eric Rasmussen. Professor; PhD, 1990, University of Chicago. Renaissance literature, Shakespeare, medieval drama.

Lynda Walsh. Associate Professor; PhD, 2003, The University of Texas at Austin. Rhetoric of science, pragmatics, writing research methods, 19th-century American literature, digital rhetorics.

Jim Webber. Assistant Professor; PhD, 2012, The University of New Hampshire. Public and political rhetoric, composition studies, writing teacher preparation, writing across the curriculum/writing in the disciplines.