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The list below provides a snapshot of graduate faculty and their fields of research expertise. For fuller profiles please see the Faculty Biographies.

Kathleen Boardman. Professor; PhD, 1992, University of Nebraska. Composition and rhetoric, autobiography and memoir, Western literature.

Phillip Boardman. Professor; PhD, 1973, University of Washington. Arthurian tradition, Middle English literature, Chaucer, the Bible.

Michael Branch. Professor; PhD, 1993, University of Virginia. American literature before the 20th century, ecocriticism and environmental literature, humor studies, film studies.

Stacy Burton. Professor; PhD, 1990, Cornell University. 20th-century comparative literature, literary and cultural theory, modernism and postmodernism, narrative, the novel, travel literature, gender studies.

Catherine Chaput. Associate Professor; PhD, 2002, The University of Arizona. Rhetoric and cultural studies, the rhetoric of political economy, rhetorical theory and criticism, globalization studies.

Christopher Coake. Associate Professor; MFA, 2004, Ohio State University. Creative Writing (Fiction), Contemporary American Literature, Film.

Dennis Cronan. Associate Professor; PhD, 1986, University of Minnesota. Old and Middle English language and literature, Beowulf, Old Norse.

Jane Detweiler. Associate Professor; PhD, 1995, University of Louisville. Composition and rhetoric, narrative theory.

Elizabeth Francis. Associate Professor; PhD, 1970, Yale University. Victorian literature, children's literature, judicial writing.

Valerie Fridland. Associate Professor; PhD, 1998, Michigan State University. Sociolinguistics, language and gender, phonetic variation in regional speech.

Katherine Fusco. Assistant Professor; PhD, 2008, Vanderbilt University. American realism and naturalism, modernism, film studies, the novel, theories of celebrity, American studies.

Steve Gehrke. Assistant Professor; PhD, 2006, University of Missouri. Creative Writing, American literature, British romanticism.

Justin Gifford. Assistant Professor; PhD, 2006, University of Virginia. American literature, African American literature and culture, critical theory, American studies.

Cheryll Glotfelty. Professor; PhD, 1990, Cornell University. Ecocriticism and theory, environmental literature, Western American literature, Nevada studies, women's literature.

Donald E. Hardy. Professor; PhD, 1988, Rice University. Stylistics, computational linguistics, discourse analysis.

Jen Hill. Associate Professor; PhD, 2000, Cornell University. Nineteenth-century British literature, cultural studies, literatures of science and exploration, creative writing.

Ann Keniston. Associate Professor; PhD, 2002, Boston University. History and theory of poetry, modern and contemporary poetry, modern American literature, postmodern literature and theory, women's literature, creative writing (poetry).

William J. Macauley, Jr. Associate Professor and Director, University Writing Center; PhD, 1999, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Composition and rhetoric, writing program/center administration, working-class studies.

James Mardock. Associate Professor; PhD, 2004, University of Wisconsin. Renaissance literature, drama, Jonson, Shakespeare, London in literature.

Ashley Marshall. Assistant Professor; PhD, 2009, Penn State University. Eighteenth-century British literature, satire, Swift, historiography and history.

Susan Palwick. Associate Professor; PhD, 1996, Yale University. Creative writing, speculative fiction, Tolkien, medical narrative, women and writing.

Gautam Premnath. Assistant Professor; PhD Brown University. British Literature after 1800 Comparative literatures / Postcolonialism Cultural Studies Literary Theory Multiethnic literature

Eric Rasmussen. Professor; PhD, 1990, University of Chicago. Renaissance literature, Shakespeare, medieval drama.

Lynda Walsh. Associate Professor; PhD, 2003, The University of Texas at Austin. Rhetoric of science, pragmatics, writing research methods, 19th-century American literature, digital rhetorics.

Jim Webber. Assistant Professor; PhD, 2012, The University of New Hampshire. Public and political rhetoric, composition studies, writing teacher preparation, writing across the curriculum/writing in the disciplines.