Faculty Biography

Margaret Urie

Margaret Urie

Continuing Lecturer IV


MA (Marquette University); PhD (University of Nevada, Reno).

Contact Information:

Office: Frandsen 29

Telephone: (775) 682-6396

Email: margaretu@unr.edu


I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and after living through 12 years of Catholic education, decided to make it 16.  I enrolled in Marquette University, majoring in English and minoring in French and secondary education.  Although in those years, we “girls” still had curfews for the dorm (and late minutes if we missed them), could not leave the dorm wearing slacks or jeans, and certainly could not “entertain” any males in our rooms, I enjoyed my four years there and met many great friends.  One of those friends, a fellow English major, and I decided to go to Boston after graduation and teach in a secondary school.  We  landed jobs at the same high school and found a great apartment in Back Bay.

However after only a month, we were both applying to graduate school.  My friend was accepted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I got a teaching fellowship at my alma mater, Marquette.  After my first semester, I was given an NDEA scholarship, which meant I could continue on to my PhD.  However, fate intervened, and I left the program to marry my college sweetheart and moved to California—specifically Lake Tahoe—in time to catch all of the 70s.  My husband and I both got jobs at a small college, Tahoe College, at the South Shore, but it went bankrupt shortly after we were hired.

Once again, I applied to graduate programs as a teaching fellow and began to complete my PhD at the University of Nevada, Reno—a much smaller school than it is today.  Now living in Alpine Meadows, in 1975 I had my daughter Meg and in 1978 completed the PhD, specializing in 20th century American literature and writing a dissertation on William Faulkner.  In 1979 I began teaching in the English Department, serving as Director of Core Writing from 1983 – 1990 and  Director of Undergraduate Studies from 1993 -2005.  I teach courses in 20th century novel, with an emphasis on women’s literature, African American literature, Native American literature and nonfiction writing.  I have also lectured in the Core Humanities program, and been fortunate to teach one semester in our London program as well as at the University of Pau, France for our USAC program.

Personal Interests:

Travelling, gardening, skiing