Faculty Biography

Thomas J Hertweck

Thomas J Hertweck

Assistant Director, Core Writing Program


BA (English--Purdue University), MA (American Studies--Purdue University), PhD (English/Literature & Environment--UNR)

Contact Information:

Office: FH 105
Telephone: (775) 682-6388

Academic Specializations:

20th and 21st century America literature, the novel, capitalism and commodity culture, food studies, film, cultural studies

Recent Publications:

The Arthurian Annals: The Tradition in English from 1250 to 2000. (2003)

Tom Hertweck, ed. and intro. Food on Film: Bringing Something New to the Table. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2014.


Tom Hertweck hails from the Big 10 country of Indiana. Outside the classroom, Tom likes to cook, travel, read (especially Kurt Vonnegut), and, unbelievably, grade, as it gives him the opportunity to interact with students' ideas--the best pastime there is. He has recently been researching food capitalism and the vicissitudes of the "cheap economy," novelistic depictions of food affect, African-American novels and food racism, and the ways in which we must "read" food before we can eat it. He, of course, obsessively reads anything that goes on food packages.