Faculty Biography

Valerie Fridland

Valerie Fridland

Professor &
Director of Graduate Studies


BS (Georgetown University, Languages and Linguistics Program); PhD (Michigan State University Linguistics Department, specialization in sociolinguistics)

Contact Information:

Office: Frandsen 110A

Telephone: (775) 784-7546

Email: fridland@unr.edu

Academic Specializations:

Theoretical Linguistics, Sociolinguistics

Recent Publications:

Fridland, Valerie and Tyler Kendall. 2012. The effect of regional vowel differences on vowel perception and production: Evidence from U.S. vowel shifts. Lingua 122/7: 779-793.

Fridland, Valerie. 2012. Rebel vowels: Southern vowel shift and the N/S speech divide.  Language and Linguistic Compass 6/3:183-192.

Kendall, Tyler and Valerie Fridland. 2012. Variation in the production and perception of mid front vowels in the US Southern Vowel Shift. Journal of Phonetics 40: 289-306.


As a sociolinguist, my main area of interest is regional American speech. Most of my research investigates variation in vowel production and vowel perception across the Northern, Southern and Western regions of the U.S.  My goal is to better understand how variability in speech production relates to variability in speech perception and how social identity (such as that related to region, gender or ethnicity) affects how we both produce and perceive speech.  In addition to this main focus, I am also quite interested in how gender and ethnicity are enmeshed with our linguistic self-presentation.