Faculty Biography

Jane Detweiler

Jane Detweiler

Associate Professor


BA (Redlands), MA (Arizona State), PhD (Louisville)

Contact Information:

Office: Frandsen 212

Telephone:(775) 682-6379

Email: jad@unr.edu

Academic Specializations:

Rhetoric and Composition, Writing in the disciplines, Narrative theories, Research methods, Gender and sexual identity


Recent Publications:

Detweiler, Jane and Maureen McBride.  “Designs on Assessment: University of Nevada, Reno.” In Organic Writing Assessment: Dynamic Criteria Mapping in Action. Logan, UT, Utah State University Press, 2009. 52-72.

Detweiler, Jane.  “To Design a Doctor(ate): Negotiating Professional Identities in a New Clinical-Doctoral Program.”  Medical Rhetoric: Essays Toward a New Disciplinary Inquiry.  Ed. Barbara Heifferon and Stuart Brown.  New York: Hampton Press, 2007.  223-244.

Detweiler, Jane and Claudia Peyton.  “Defining Occupations: A Chronotopic Study of Narrative Genres in a Health Discipline’s Emergence.”  Written Communication 16.4 (1999): 412-468.

Jane Detweiler pursues a variety of inquiries into writing in academic, professional, and public fora, with special emphases on narrative as a mode of understanding the world and a means of inventing, composing, and delivering arguments. She has published in the rhetoric of health care disciplines, composition pedagogy, writing program assessment, and environmental discourse studies. More recently, her work has centered on public moral argumentation and political deliberation. She teaches courses in first-year composition, technical communication, professional writing, argument, composition pedagogy, rhetorical theories and criticism, environmental discourse, narrative theories and genres, and research methodologies in Composition Studies.