Faculty Biography

Dennis Cronan

Dennis Cronan

Associate Professor


BA (Rhode Island); MA (Minnesota); PhD (Minnesota)

Contact Information:

Office: Frandsen 216

Telephone: (775) 682-6365

Email: dcronan@unr.edu

Academic Specializations:

Old and Middle English Language and Literature, Old Norse Language and Literature, Poetic Language, Poetics, Literary History


Recent Publications:

“‘Beowulf’, the Gaels, and the Recovery of the Pre-Conversion Past.”Anglo-Saxon 1 (2007), 137-80.

“The Thematic Unity of the Younger Gautreks saga.JEGP 106 (2007), 81-123.

“Poetic Words, Conservatism, and the Dating of Old English Poetry.” Anglo-Saxon England, 33 (2004), 23-50.      

Dennis Cronan earned his PhD at the University of Minnesota in Germanic Philology, a program that enabled him to study widely in early Germanic languages and literatures. He specializes in Old and Middle English, Old Norse, Poetic Language, Poetics, and Literary History. He is currently writing a book on Beowulf.