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Mark Bousquet

Mark Bousquet

Assistant Director, Core Writing Program


BS (Public Communications: Electronic Media Production: Television, Radio, and Film -- Syracuse University, May 1995); BA (English, Textual Studies -- Syracuse University, May 2001); MA (English, Literature -- University of New Hampshire, May 2003); PhD (American Studies -- Purdue University, 2011.

Contact Information:

Recent Publications:

“The Cruel Harpoon and the Honorable Lamp: The Awakening of an Environmental Consciousness in Henry Theodore Cheever's The Whale
and His Captors.
” Accepted by Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (ISLE).

“Eco-Eco: Constructing a Blue Ecocriticism with Umberto Eco’s The Island of the Day Before,” Ecology and Literature: Global Perspective, Eds. Neerja Arun and Rakesh Saraswat, New Dehli: Creative Books, 2009. 36-57.

Adventures of the Five: The Coming of Frost, Atomic Anxiety Press, 2010.

Adventures of the Five: The Coming of Frost, Atomic Anxiety Press, 2010.

Office: Frandsen 135

Telephone: (775) 682-6380

Email: mbousquet@unr.edu

Academic Specializations:

Nineteenth-century Environmental Literature and History, with a focus on water.


Mark Bousquet is the Assistant Director of Core Writing at the University of Nevada, Reno. He recently received his Ph.D. in American Studies from Purdue University, with a focus on nineteenth-century environmental literature and history. His dissertation, "Around the World in a Blubber Hunter: Nineteenth-Century American Whaling Narratives" examined the works of Reverend Henry Theodore Cheever, J. Ross Browne, and Horace Holden. His current academic project centers on creating a water-specific branch of ecocriticism, and he is the author of several novels and short story collections.

Personal Interests:

Hiking with my dog, Darwin. Writing fiction. Soccer. Science Fiction. Baseball. Cooking.