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English 102 Course Descriptions
Credit by Exam Course Descriptions

Fall 2016 Placement:

Frandsen 2

November 1-December 6

Submissions must be RECEIVED NO LATER than August 1, 2016.

Please review all information given below. If after you have read this information, you require further assistance, please contact Brenda in the Core Writing Program office at 775-784-6709.

It's important that you begin your college education in the writing course that best fits your experience and ability. We use the ACT or SAT scores for initial placement into Core Writing Courses. International students from English-speaking nations who do not have ACT/SAT scores must utilize one of the Options for Evaluation below and do so by the placement deadline listed at the top of this page.

English Course ACT SAT
  English Verbal / Critical Reading
English 098 ≤ 17 ≤ 430
English 100J 18 - 20 440 - 500
English 101 21 - 29 510-670
English 102 (102H) ≥ 30 ≥ 680

For information about AP credit, see below. For information about placement into other courses, please see the UNR General Catalog.

We recognize that your actual writing, not just your test score, should determine your final placement. If you don't believe your test score reflects your writing ability, you may request a placement evaluation.

Options for Evaluation:

There are two options for evaluation, and there is a $35.00 fee for either. (Make checks payable to the Board of Regents.) Your placement cannot be processed without payment of the fee. For this reason, faxes are not accepted. Portfolios and essays must be maintained in the Core Writing Program office and will NOT be returned. Your placement submission will be processed in approximately two business weeks.

Note: It is important that you begin this placement process as soon as possible in order to ensure class availability.

Keep in mind that your writing samples are used to place you in the course that best fits your writing ability. The evaluation process is not simply a way to challenge a course. Our goal in placing students is to ensure as best we can their success in writing. We place writers primarily according to sentence fluency and essay development.

  • Sentence fluency: Your writing should not show recurring problems with basic sentence structure. However, occasional minor problems in usage will not necessarily place you in English 098 or in English 100J.
  • Development: Your writing should demonstrate an ability to develop a central idea with explanation, examples, and other kinds of support. Clear, well-organized writing generally leads to placement in English 101.

Note: If any work in a portfolio is plagiarized, the student will be placed into English 098 automatically. In addition, the student's work and evidence of plagiarism will be kept on file, and a copy will be sent to the Office of Student Conduct.

Option 1:

Bring or mail to the Core Writing Program office a portfolio containing three or four essays you've written in the past year. Submit clean, unmarked,  ungraded, polished essays. Graded or marked papers will not be evaluated.  ONLY hard copies will be accepted. Electronic submissions will not be accepted. It is prudent to send copies and keep your originals as portfolios will NOT be returned.

Enclose a cover letter that includes the following:

a) Your full name, address, phone number, and an email address we can use to reach you.

b) Your student ID (NSHE) number.  Do NOT include your social security number.

c)A correct, current, secure email address.  Please note that if you do not provide an email, you will need to call the Core Writing Program Office to ask about your placement results. Please wait two business weeks before calling the office at 775-784-6709.

d) A brief statement explaining why you believe you should be placed differently than your scores suggest.

e) A short description of what the essays in your portfolio show about your writing's strengths and weaknesses.

NOTE:  If you wish, you may state which course you think best fits your skills, but first read the Course Descriptions and Outcomes Statements:

Send your portfolio, including the cover letter as outlined above and the $35.00 payment to:

Core Writing Program/ MS 0098
Attn: Brenda / Placement Exam
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557-0098

We recommend that students submit a portfolio rather than take the exam because a portfolio shows more about your writing than the timed essay exam, which gives you little time for reflection and revision.

Option 2:

Make an appointment by calling the Core Writing Program office at 775-784-6709 to come in and write a placement essay. The essay exam must take place during normal business hours and is written in our office. Please have several options in mind for your appointment. You will need to allow for a two hour block of time. Bring your $35.00 placement fee to your appointment. An essay topic and all exam materials will be provided when you arrive.

Finding Out Results:

As is noted above, you will need to provide an email if you want your results delivered to you. Otherwise, you will need to contact the Department of English at 775-784-6709 after two weeks and request your placement results. PLEASE NOTE: Due to FERPA regulations, we can only communicate placement information to the student in question. Any other person, unless that person is a parent and the student is a minor, must provide a signed privacy waiver (available from Admissions & Records) before Core Writing can communicate the student’s placement results or any other academic information.

AP Exam Placement:

For students in high school Advanced Placement courses, AP credit is awarded as follows:

  • For a score of 3 on the Literature and Composition or Language and Composition, you receive credit for English 101 (3 credits). You must take English 102.
  • For a score of 4 or 5 on the Language and Composition exam, you receive credit for both English 101 and 102 (6 credits).
  • For a score of 4 or 5 on the Literature and Composition exam, you may choose to receive credit for English 101 and English 297 (Introduction to Literature); you must then take English 102; OR, by completing English 104 (Investigative Writing, one credit) you can receive credit for both English 101 and 102 (6 credits in addition to the one credit for 104).

No more than six credits will be awarded for AP exams in English.