Course Descriptions: ENG 104, 105, & 106

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Description of English 104

This course is a one-credit hour introduction to techniques of investigation and interpretation using campus resources and exploration of ways of shaping language for various audiences and purposes.

English 104 Course Outcomes

English 104 students will:

  • Frame complex research questions or problems;
  • Demonstrate awareness of their own beliefs, concepts, and biases;
  • Be able to produce a coherent, well-supported argument that shows critical thinking and careful consideration of alternative viewpoints;
  • Recognize, evaluate, and use a variety of information sources: expert people, publications of information agencies, popular and specialized periodicals, professional journals, books, and electronic resources;
  • Conduct research that shows evidence of the ability to synthesize, use fairly, and credit the ideas of others using the appropriate citation style;
  • Write coherently, drawing from diverse sources, assimilating information and ideas and producing work that represents the student’s position on the material.

Description of English 105

This course is a one-credit-hour introduction to critical reading skills applicable across the disciplines. Students will work on analyzing scholarship including audience, purpose, thesis, support, logic, style, and genre conventions. Instruction will focus attention to writing summary, synthesis, and analysis.

English 105 Course Outcomes:

English 105 students will:

  • Build ability to read complex, academic texts efficiently and with understanding of context, form, and content.
  • Interpret, analyze, discuss, and evaluate a variety of readings;
  • Understand how academic communities make and share knowledge through scholarly genres and stylistic conventions;
  • Develop standards of "good writing" by which they can evaluate their own and classmates' essays;
  • Build facility in writing summary, paraphrase, synthesis, and analysis.

Description of English 106

This course is a one-credit-hour workshop that emphasizes strategies for revising and editing. Style and diction are taught as rhetorical choices in academic contexts. Students should expect to review and strengthen their grammar/usage and proofreading skills.

English 106 Course Outcomes:

English 106 students will:

  • Use multiple drafts to improve their own texts;
  • Use revising and editing strategies that are ap
  • propriate to specific writing situations;
  • Demonstrate facility with using different styles for different purposes and contexts;
  • Write understandable, efficient sentences; and
  • Control general conventions of usage, spelling,grammar, and punctuation in standard written English; check for conventions about which they are unsure.