Course Descriptions: English 102, 102(h) & 114

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English 102 Course Descriptions
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ENG 102, 102H, and 114 build the foundation for two Silver Core Curriculum Objectives:

Core Objective 1—Effective Composition  & Communication: Students will be able to effectively compose written, oral, and multimedia texts for a variety of scholarly, professional, and creative purposes.

Core Objective 3—Critical Analysis & Use of Information: Students will be critical consumers of information, able to engage in systematic research processes, frame questions, read critically, and apply observational and experimental approaches to obtain information.

English 102, 102H and 114 students will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Continue and improve the writing practices learned in 101: prewriting, composing, revising, responding, editing, attending to language and style, and writing with audience and purpose in mind;

  • Engage in critical reading and interpretation of a wide range of texts;

  • Be able to summarize, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and apply what they read—both orally and in writing;

  • Use writing as a means of understanding, organizing, and communicating what they read;

  • Frame complex research questions or problems;

  • Demonstrate awareness of their own beliefs, concepts, and biases;

  • Be able to produce a coherent, well-supported argument that shows critical thinking and careful consideration of alternative viewpoints;

  • Recognize, evaluate, and use a variety of information sources: expert people, publications of information agencies, popular and specialized periodicals, professional journals, books, and electronic resources;

  • Conduct research that shows evidence of the ability to synthesize, use fairly, and credit the ideas of others using the appropriate citation style;

  • Write coherently, drawing from diverse sources, assimilating information and ideas and producing work that represents the student’s position on the material.