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English 102 Course Descriptions
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English 100J Composition Studio

Frandsen 2

Please see this document for an explanation of the transition from the 100i-series to 100j in Spring 2014.

ENG 100j: Composition Studio is an intensive, five-hour composition course designed to prepare students who place in it and pass it to move on to ENG 102 the next semester. It meets all the objectives of ENG 101 with extra focus on critical reading and editing skills.

Students who pass ENG 100j will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Write arguments focused on a specific purpose;
  • Write arguments that anticipate the needs of different readers;
  • Recognize the differences among kinds of writing situations and be able to reproduce the conventions associated with a specific situation when writing an argument to address it;
  • Compose knowledge from a variety of reliable sources including personal expertise when writing an argument;
  • Demonstrate critical reading skills when interpreting, analyzing, discussing, and evaluating of a variety of texts;
  • Develop standards of "good writing" by which students can evaluate their own and classmates' essays during revision;
  • Use productive strategies for generating, organizing, revising, and editing when writing arguments;
  • Write understandable, efficient sentences that follow the general conventions of usage, spelling, grammar, style, and punctuation in standard written English; check for conventions about which they are unsure.