English 101 CBE Instructions for Instructors

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English 102 Course Descriptions
Credit by Exam Course Descriptions

General Guidelines:

Mars Construction

Students and the instructor should decide through mutual agreement (students must be passing the class) whether the student is going to apply for the credit by exam.

Instructors choose how to inform students about the exam. One option is to announce the exam to the class, then direct them to the Core Writing web site for instructions. There may be instances in which students who are not necessarily qualified ask about the exam. To prevent awkward situations, such as blatantly stating, "You are not qualified," you have the option to direct the student to the CWP web site. Students can read through the instructions and evaluation criteria and decide for themselves if they are actually qualified.

Students who do not pass the exam should be aware that they will lose the $25 examination fee and receive a failing grade ("U" or unsatisfactory). To replace this "U," students must immediately take English 101 the following semester.

Please recommend all of your students who are taking the exam to register for English 101. This will hold a spot for them in case they fail the exam.

Instructors' Procedures:

For this term's CBE dates, please see the student instructions. You also will receive information about dates via email from the English 098 Coordinator.

1. Your student must get your signature on the Application for Credit by Special Exam form and get four signatures on it. Once the student has the signatures, he or she must take the form to the cashier’s office to pay the $25 fee and receive a “Paid” stamp on the form.

2. Your student will give you the following:

  • The original and a copy of the signed form (the original in one folder and a copy in the other) with the proof of payment stamp;
  • Two copies of his or her portfolio. (NOTE: See below "Portfolio Guidelines")

3. Remind your student to also register for English 101. This will hold a place for the student in case he or she does not pass the exam.

4. Drop completed portfolios off in the Core Writing Program office, Core Writing Office, Frandsen Hall room 131.

Your students can pick up their results in a sealed envelope from the Core Writing Program in the Department of English, Core Writing Program office (FH 131). Individually remind your students to bring their student I. D. to the department office.

As soon as registration begins, students can register in the appropriate class.

About Grading:

Although the portfolios are assigned "grades," please remember that students will only see an "S" or "U" on their transcript. Admissions and Records need letter grades for the portfolios. An S or U does not affect a student's GPA.

Note: It is the student's responsibility to make sure that everything is complete; otherwise, he/she will be disqualified from the process. Portfolios that do not meet any part of the instructions automatically fail; this includes missing cover letters, copies, drafts, essays, and/or essays that do not meet the instructions.

Students do not get their portfolios back. If students are including work done for your class that they will need to hand in for your class, they must submit separate copies in the CBE portfolios.