English 102 CBE Evaluation Criteria

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English 102 Course Descriptions
Credit by Exam Course Descriptions

Overview & Procedures:

Note: If you are a student transferring from another university, you must see Core Curriculum (Clark Admin. building) first for writing placement. If you are an international student, you must see the IELC (Cain Hall) first.

The English 102 Credit-by-Exam tests the writing skills taught in English 102. It presupposes a knowledge of English grammar and mechanics, skill in organizing and developing competent persuasive and analytic essays, fluency in expressing ideas in written form, and the ability to discover, structure, and present a finished research paper.

You must be currently enrolled at UNR to take the credit-by-exam.

Notes: This page contains full details about earning credit for ENG 102 by taking an exam through the Core Writing Program. Transfer students challenging for ENG 102 credit, please read to the bottom of the page. After carefully reading these instructions, if you have a question, please contact the Core Writing Program office at 775-784-6709.

Step 1: Petition for Permission:

Students at Table An enrolled student who wishes to attempt English 102 through credit-by-exam must petition (a one-page letter, supplemented with a portfolio of samples of their writing) for permission to do so. These petitions will be accepted or rejected by the Core Writing Committee. To petition, submit the following to the Core Writing office (FH 131): A one-page letter. A portfolio of your writing including at least three essays. The Core Writing office will inform you about whether you have been approved to take the exam.

Step 2: Fill Out the Paperwork, Pay the Fee, and Schedule the Exam:

After the Core Writing office gives you approval to take the exam:

1. Get the “Application for Credit by Special Department Examination” form from Admissions & Records.

2. Acquire the following mandatory signatures:

  • Your academic advisor for line [a] (NOTE: If you are undeclared, your advisor and dean are in the College of Liberal Arts);
  • The Chair of the English Department , the Director of Core Writing, or an Assistant Director of Core Writing for line [b];
  • The dean of college for your major for line [c].
  • (Note: At this point, make a copy in case the paperwork gets lost.)
  • The final two signature spaces, “Name of faculty member to give exam” and “Instructor’s Signature,” are for the Core Writing Committee.

3. Take the form to the Cashier’s office and pay the $25 exam fee.

4. Take the original completed form to the Core Writing office (FH 131) to schedule the exam.

Step 3: Take the Exam:

Reading materials for the exam will be available for you to pick up from the Core Writing office (FH 131) a week before the exam begins.

You may use a dictionary, thesaurus, or handbook during all parts of the exam. For the timed portions, these resources will be provided at the office.

The exam itself consists of four parts:

Part 1: A critical thinking essay. This is a two-hour timed essay, turned in and taken home for revision. You will leave a copy of your original (timed) essay at the Core Writing office, and will turn in the revision when you come back to the Core Writing office for Part II.

Part II. A rhetorical analysis. This is a one-hour timed essay, with no revisions and no time extensions.

Part III. A research assignment. This is a research assignment in which you will find three essays or articles for source material that you will use in Part IV. Copies of the chosen essays/articles and a citation page are due to the Core Writing office by 5:00 on the day scheduled for Part III.

Part IV. A timed persuasive essay. This is a three-hour timed essay that must be completed in the Core Writing office. You may not bring anything for this portion of the exam. You will be provided with source materials, paper and pen or pencil, a dictionary, a thesaurus, and a handbook You will be notified of results a week after you complete the exam.

Note: Failure to comply with any of these steps will disqualify a student from taking the credit-by-exam. A failing grade on any part of the exam will constitute a failure for the entire exam, and credit will not be given.

Transfer students challenging for 102 credit:

You may either follow the above procedure or be evaluated via the portfolio you submit to Core Writing for permission to take the CBE. If you choose the portfolio option, your portfolio must demonstrate command of all ENG 102 course outcomes. Please make sure the portfolio contains only single-authored papers (i.e., no group papers), at least one of which is a major research paper of 6+ pages that cites 6+ authoritative sources. If you cannot assemble a portfolio meeting these criteria, we strongly recommend the regular CBE procedure above.