As many of you know, Dr. Chaires was on sick leave this past semester. He passed away at his home in December. Bob had an incredible career and a multifaceted life. Prior to joining academia, he was a paratrooper in the army, a police officer with the Denver Police Department, an attorney in private practice, and a legal access attorney for the Colorado Department of Corrections. His experiences in life taught him a great deal about justice, and teaching students about law and justice became his passion. Over his 20+ year career at UNR, he inspired countless students to seek careers in law. Among the many courses he taught over the years were CRJ 450 Senior Seminar, CRJ 420 Jurisprudence, CRJ 320 Courts in Criminal Justice, and CRJ 289 Law and Justice. His courses were rigorous and included activities that placed high cognitive demands on students - demands for which many of his students who did achieve careers in law would later be most appreciative. As he often told his students, whether the classroom or life, it’s about “habits of the mind.”

In his memory, Dr. Chaires’ family will be establishing a scholarship.

The department faculty and staff will greatly miss Bob's warmth, friendship, sense of humor - and, for several of them, his shared passion for motorcycles. He will be fondly remembered.


101st Airborne, Reconnaissance Paratrooper aged 18.  


Collegiate Parachuting Championships 1971/72. 

The Department of Criminal Justice is part of the School of Social Research and Justice Studies in the College of Liberal Arts. The department has approximately 700 undergraduates in its two programs, the Criminal Justice major and Law and Justice major. It also offers a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice.

The department welcomes a diverse student body and encourages its students to explore the full range of opportunities in criminal justice and justice-related professions and graduate programs. In order to become a criminal justice major, a student must have and continue to maintain a 2.50 GPA.