Legal Research
Any justice or justice-related professional is at some point in their career, or life, likely to wish to, perhaps even need to, find primary legal resources such a state or federal statute or an appellate court case. There are also secondary legal sources which are useful, such as law journal or review articles.

Today there are many online resources to research the law. Some are wholly free; others offer fee-based and subscriber access. While online research is very accessible, it is important to keep in mind that there are library resources which simply are not currently available online to all. So, consider visiting a local law library. In Northern Nevada, there are two public law libraries:

The Washoe County Law Library is located in the old Courthouse on the corner of Virginia Street and Court Street in Reno, at 75 Court Street. It is open daily and often evenings. Call 775-328-3250 for current operating hours. Website: The Nevada Supreme Court Law Library is located in Carson City at 201 S. Carson. It is open Monday – Friday from 8:00AM-5:00PM. Telephone no. 775-684-1640.

Sources for Legal Research:
University of Nevada Libraries
The university subscribes to the database LexisNexis Academic which includes legal research. You can search statutes, cases, and law journal articles.

State and Federal Law Websites
The Nevada Legislature: Access the latest information on Nevada legislative sessions, including the status of bills and past sessions. From this site, you can also link to the state law library and research Nevada's current statutes – Nevada Revised Statutes - as well as the state's Administrative Code.

The Nevada Supreme Court: Provides information on the state's courts and also a link to the state online law library.

Federal Government: This source is useful to search just about anything pertaining to the federal government. For legal issues and law, go to Explore Topics and click onto the Reference Center. Here you can search historic documents and current federal statutes.

Legal Research Websites
As noted above, there are many sites. A couple of the most popular are listed here.

Cornell University Law School's Legal Information Institute (LII) is located at is one of the best known and located at The site largely focuses on general legal information for the public. It is recommended that you can also click on link to the legal professional site (upper right hand corner) for legal research of primary resources by jurisdiction or topic.

If you are interested in learning more about legal resources and research, the Department of Criminal Justice offers a five week, one credit course each Spring semester (CRJ 126: Legal Research and Method).