Faculty - Timothy Griffin
Timothy "Skip" Griffin received his Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati in 2002. His research emphases include the AMBER Alert system, the social construction of crime and justice, and criminal case processing. He has been published in several leading journals, including Justice Quarterly, Criminology, Crime and Delinquency, and Journal of Criminal Justice. He has made numerous media appearances regarding his study of the AMBER Alert system, and is currently developing a new dataset for the most comprehensive examination of the program to date. He is also currently developing a dataset to examine the prevalence and nature of "Black Swan" homicides—rare but shocking murders that so powerfully impact criminal justice policy. Dr. Griffin has taught at the University of Nevada, Reno, for nine years, where he teaches most sections of undergraduate Methods (CRJ 301), Struggle for Justice (CRJ 427), Sex, Crime, and the Media (CRJ 465), the senior seminar option—Criminal Justice Colloquium (CRJ 451), Graduate Policy Analysis (CRJ 785), and Graduate Research Methods through the School of Social Research and Justice Studies (SSRJS 725). He is married with a twin boy and girl.

Curriculum Vitae