Comprehensive Examination Information - Format & Content
No less than 24 hours prior to the Comp, the student will submit her or his "study guide" (see below) electronically (via disk or email) to the Graduate Coordinator. At 9:00 in the morning (or other time as approved by the Graduate Coordinator) the student will come to the Graduate Computer Room at the agreed date and be given a paper copy of the Comp questions and a paper copy of the previously submitted study guide. The student is allowed to type answers to these questions for three hours in the morning, then take a one hour lunch break and then type for up to an additional three hours thereafter.

The student will be given one (1) required Methods question which must be answered. The student will be given three (3) questions based on three of the Core courses and must answer two (2) of the three Thus, the student will answer three (3) questions total.