Advising - Senior Seminar

Criminal justice seniors during their last semester are required to take either CRJ 450, senior seminar, or CRJ 451, senior colloquium. They are summative courses that cap off your careers as criminal justice majors. Both end your studies focusing on a broad spectrum of criminal justice issues with an expectation that you will display a depth and knowledge that only a senior can have. CRJ 450 is a smaller class of sixteen students where the instructor is a facilitator and there is greater opportunity for class interaction and presentations and 451 is a larger class which is more traditionally structured. In both, there is an expectation that you will have the opportunity to hone your writing skills. In particular, CRJ 450, seminar, is recommended for majors interested in or planning on applying to graduate school.

You must be placed on an enrollment list to be permitted to register in either 450 or 451, and the assignment to sections will be on a first come-first served basis. Please make an appointment with your departmental student advisor to enroll in the Senior Seminar.