General Option
Math (selection is based on your placement scores) – 3-5 credits
Sociology 101 – 3 credits
Psychology 101 – 3 credits
CAS 154 – 3 credits
*Criminal Justice 101 (offered in the fall semester) – 3 credits
*Criminal Justice 102 (offered in the spring semester – 3 credits
Foreign Language – 4 credits (for first year classes)
Students that have completed four years of a foreign language in high school may be eligible for a language waiver, please contact your advisor for more information.
Fine Art – 3 credits Refer to Academic Advising Report for selection

*Can be taken out of sequence

Any combination of these courses will work fine for your first two semesters. If you should have additional questions, please refer to your Academic Advising Report located in your MyNevada or contact the Criminal Justice Department at, 784-6164.

Questions may be directed to the Advisor of the General option, Debi Dearman at 784-6164, email: