Missed Exams
In regard to the policies of the CJ Department, it is important for the student to understand that makeup tests for missed examinations are not given in CJ classes. If a test is not taken with the class, there is no makeup option available.

A student who misses an examination may submit a request for an excused absence from the examination. The instructor for the class must be contacted as soon as the student is aware that the exam will be, or has been, missed and is able to contact the instructor. The student must explain the reason for missing the examination and provide supporting documentation justifying the excuse.

An excused absence will result in the student's grade being computed on the basis of the other test(s) in the course. There is no penalty whatsoever for missing one examination if it has been excused. However, an unexcused absence will result in the student's final grade being lowered one full letter grade. Only one examination, per course, may be missed and excused. A student missing two examinations, regardless of the fact that one or both have been excused, will receive an automatic F for the course.

Generally speaking, excuses will be granted only for the following reasons: (a) Emergency or urgent medical or dental reasons verified in writing on letterhead stationary or prescription pad by a physician or dentist; (b) required court attendance as a party, witness, or juror verified on letterhead stationary by the judge of the court concerned; (c) attendance at the funeral of a member of the immediate family; (d) participation in an officially recognized university activity, such as athletic events, debates, etc., verified in writing on university letterhead stationary by a full-time faculty member; or (e) to comply with Board of Regents policy.

Examples of situations in which excuses normally are not granted are: flat tires, cars which don't start, or other vehicular mechanical malfunctions; oversleeping, long weekends; having to work; extensions of regular university vacations by the student; weather conditions; mistake as to date of test or failure to ascertain date of test; flu and/or colds, unless verified as set out above; sick children, relatives, roommates, friends, unless the student's presence is necessary and verified as set out above; and non emergency or urgent medical or dental appointments even if verified by a physician or dentist.

If a student is uncertain whether their reason for missing the exam will qualify for an excused absence, they should still contact the course instructor who will make the final decision.