Core Humanities at the University of Nevada

Core Humanities Instructors
Mitra Assoudeh (Political Science
Jeff Auer (History)
Joe Bachman (Core Humanities)
Donald Bailey(English)
Garrett Barmore (WM Keck Museum
Kevin Belting (History)
John Benjamin (Core Humanities)
Chace Bennett (Foreign Languages)
Paul Boone (History)
Devin Bray (Philosophy)
Lea Cartwright (Political Science)
Clayton Cleveland (Political Science)
Mark Cooley(History)
Erin Cummings (Core Humanities)
Jessica Cunningham (Foreign Language)
Jamie Farley (History)
Mark Farnsworth (Core Humanities)
Jen Forsberg (English)
Katherine Fusco (English)
Steve Gehrke (English)
Shaun Grekor (Core Humanities)
Layne Hansen (Political Science)
Linda Hardie(Core Humanities)
Alison Harvey (Core Humanities)
Gabriel Hill(Core Humanities)
Diana Jonmarie (Political Science)
Jeffrey Jowett (History)
Satyaki Kanjilal (English)
Janelle Kaufer(Foreign Language)
Ann Keniston (English)
Luke Kingery (English)
Jo Landis (English)
Will Lombardi (English)
Ken Lucey (Philosophy)
Landon Lutrick (English)
Lisa Madura (Philosophy)
Louis Marvick (Foreign Languages)
Frank Merksamer (English)
Doug Mishler (History)
Clint Mohs (English)
Tyler Nickl (English)
John Noel (Core Humanities)
Meredith Oda (History)
Laura Ofstad (English)
Marc Oxoby(Core Humanities)
Ryan Powell (History)
Brian Pringle (History)
Andy Ross (English)
Brian Rowe (English)
Fernandez-Armesto Sanchez (FLL)
Holly Smith (History)
Kevin Stevens (History)
Cameron Strang (History)
George Thomas (Foreign Language)
Alisse Ulrich (Core Humanities)
Leah Wilds (Political Science)
La Kerie Williams (Core Humanities)