Core Humanities at the University of Nevada

Core Humanities Faculty
Jeff Auer (History)
Joe Bachman (Core Humanities)
Don Bailey (Core Humanities)
Matthew Baker (English)
Donald Bailey (Core Humanities)
John Benjamin (Core Humanities)
Jeff Best (History)
Devin Bray (Philosophy)
Amanda Buell (History)
Angie Chase (Core Humanities)
Parker Cole (Political Science)
Erin Cummings (Core Humanities)
Greta de Jong (History)
Ian de Jong (English)
Eda Dedebas-Dundar (Core Humanities)
Dahlia Dwedar (Core Humanities)
Stephen Edgcomb (Core Humanities)
Jamie Farley (Core Humanities)
Jack Fredericks (Core Humanities)
Katherine Fusco (English)
Galen Gorelangton (Philosophy)
Drake Gossi (Core Humanities)
Dustin Granata(World Languages)
Shelby Grauberger (World Languages)
Shaun Grekor (Core Humanities)
Linda Hardie (Core Humanities)
Lauren Griffin (Core Humanities)
Michelle Groy (Core Humanities)
Linda Hardie (Core Humanities)
Alison Harvey (Core Humanities)
Alison Harvey (Core Humanities)
Karen Herschbach (Core Humanities)
Gabriel Hill (Core Humanities)
Diana Jonmarie (Core Humanities)
Jeffrey Jowett (History)
Paul Knox (Core Humanities)
Kelsey Kurupas (Political Science)
Stephen Lazer (Core Humanities)
Jaime Leanos (World Languages)
Ningxian Lee (World Languages)
Ken Lucey (Philosophy)
Landon Lutrick (English)
Louis Marvick (World Languages)
Ben McDermott (Core Humanities)
Doug Mishler (History)
Clint Mohs (English)
Frank Merksamer (English)
Doug Mishler (History)
Clint Mohs (English)
Greg Nielsen (Core Humanities)
Karen Norwood (English)
Meredith Oda (History)
Lee Olsen (English)
Alixx Ortiz-Roberts (Core Humanities)
Marc Oxoby (Core Humanities)
Dilara Ozbek (Political Science)
Michael Pappas (Political Science)
Daniel Enrique Perez (World Languages)
Iris Petty (Core Humanities)
Peter Picetti (English)
Brian Pringle (History)
Laura Rocke (History)
Adolfo Saldana (Core Humanities)
Janice Siderius (Core Humanities)
Holly Smith (Core Humanities)
Edan Strekal (Core Humanities)
Chris Stancil (Philosophy)
Joseph Taglieber (Core Humanities)
Amelia Thibault (Core Humanities)
Alisse Ulrich (Core Humanities)
Adriana Varga (Core Humanities)
Barbara Walker (History)
Rachel Watts (Core Humanities)
Erica Westhoff (Core Humanities)
Judith Whitenack (Core Humanities)
Leah Wilds (Political Science)
Justin Williams (History)
Megan Wurm (History)
Danielle Zayac (History)
Matt Zytkoskee (Political Science)