Core Humanities at the University of Nevada

Students successfully completing CH 203 at UNR will be able to:

  • Express ideas clearly and persuasively, using relevant evidence to support their arguments. (CO1)
  • Analyze primary source texts with attention to content, historical and cultural context, and rhetorical techniques. (CO3, CO5).
  • Trace the sources and development of American intellectual traditions and cultural institutions, with attention to the diversity of experiences and voices that shaped the nation. (CO5, CO8)
  • Identify how significant artistic and cultural movements as well as scientific and technological developments influenced Americans� changing sense of themselves and their society. (CO5, CO8)
  • Connect the beliefs, values, and actions of past generations of Americans to contemporary conditions in the United States. (CO5, CO8)
  • Identify the historical origins, philosophical foundations, core principles, and evolution of the United States and Nevada Constitutions. (CO5, CO8)
Student Learning Outcomes