Core Humanities at the University of Nevada

Students successfully completing CH 202 at UNR will be able to:

  • Express ideas clearly and persuasively both orally and in writing, using relevant evidence to support their arguments.
  • Read, interpret, and analyze primary source texts with attention to content, historical and cultural context, genre, and language.
  • Analyze authors’ arguments by identifying perspectives, assumptions, strategies, and omissions.
  • Trace the sources and development of European intellectual traditions and cultural institutions, with attention to the diversity of global experiences and voices that shaped them.
  • Understand how arts, technologies, scientific discoveries, political ideologies, and globalization contributed to modern and contemporary identities.
  • Connect the beliefs, values, and actions of past generations to contemporary conditions.
  • Describe European interactions with other parts of the world and explain how interregional cultural connections, economic ties, and military conflicts shaped ideas, beliefs, and values in the modern and contemporary world.
Student Learning Outcomes