Core Humanities at the University of Nevada

Students successfully completing CH 201 at UNR will be able to:

  • Express ideas clearly and persuasively, using relevant evidence to support their arguments. (CO1)
  • Analyze primary source texts with attention to content, historical and cultural context, and rhetorical techniques. (CO3, CO5)
  • Trace the sources and development of ancient and medieval traditions and cultural institutions, with attention to the diversity of experiences and voices that shaped them. (CO5)
  • Identify how arts, technologies, scientific knowledge, political ideologies, and religious beliefs contributed to ancient and medieval identities. (CO5)
  • Recognize ways in which ancient and medieval ideas provide the foundation for the modern world. (CO5)
  • Compare the ethical principles and notions of morality or justice in varying systems of belief, religions, and philosophies of ancient and medieval cultures. (CO5)
Student Learning Outcomes