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Welcome to Sheppard Contemporary

Sheppard Contemporary is the only professional and contemporary art space on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno. Along with the Department of Art, the gallery is dedicated to experimental visual arts research. Housed on the first floor of the Church Fine Arts complex, it presents approximately nine to ten progressive exhibitions per year by local, national, and international artists.

As Sheppard Contemporary and the art department are growing, so has the mission of the gallery. Not only does it explore today's world through the intellectual and creative inquiry of contemporary art, but will do so through an interdisciplinary mechanism. This means that for each exhibition, Sheppard Contemporary will include simultaneous programming and co-hosted events with other campus departments and local organizations so that the content and theme of each exhibition can be viewed and discussed from the point of view of both art and other related fields. This affirms the values of the University of Nevada, Reno, which include the enrichment of people's lives, the understanding of the natural environment, the celebration of human and cultural diversity, and the time-honored role of higher education as critic of society. With a focus on traditional aesthetics and challenging investigations in all media, the purpose of Sheppard Contemporary is to present exhibitions and programming of passion and vision that examine, reveal, and represent the beauties, aspirations, and demands of society and culture, from innovative technology to the natural environment, from human relationships to theoretical abstractions. The exhibitions and programming are intended to create a center of learning and knowledge that engages the campus and the Reno community and that stimulates response from a global network of both art professionals and art lovers. The gallery features artists of international and national stature as well as emerging artists.


Sheppard Contemporary History:

Sheppard Contemporary began in 1960. It has remained one of the few experimental, professional, contemporary art galleries in this area, offering stimulating programming that is not commercially dependent. The gallery has 2,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space with track lighting, a 10' x 20' retractable video screen, a national mailing list, storage, and prep areas. Lecture halls, lab areas, classrooms, & studios are in direct proximity to the gallery, as are four student exhibition spaces: McNamara Gallery and Front Door Gallery are located in the Church Fine Arts Building (CFA), while the Investment Gallery is on the 3rd Floor of the adjacent Student Services Building. The Exit Gallery located on the second floor of CFA hosts a variety of photography exhibits throughout the year.

All programs are free and open to the public, courtesy of our generous supporters: the Nevada Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts, City of Reno Arts & Culture Division, Nevada Humanities, Hilliard Endowment, Office of the Dean of Humanities, School of the Arts, Art Department, and Friends of Sheppard Contemporary.

In addition to exhibition of professional artists, the gallery hosts the annual student art exhibition, a biennial Valentine Benefit Exhibit and Auction, Wallworks class, Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts final thesis exhibitions, visiting artist lectures, poetry readings, film screenings, and serving as a community meeting space. Our exhibiting artists also spend one-on-one time with students in lectures and critique sessions.


Hours and Location:

Gallery Hours - Monday-Thursday 11am-5pm and Friday 11am-2pm
Gallery Location - CFA 162 (north end of the building)
Gallery Office - CFA 163 (back of the gallery)


Public parking is available in the small, metered lot on the north end of the Church Fine Arts Building; on the top floor the Whalen Parking Lot, located on the East side of North Virginia St, one building south of Lawlor Events Center; or in the metered lot directly south of Lawlor Events Center. The gallery and the Art Department are not responsible for parking tickets regardless of circumstance.


March  1  –  May  18,  2013  
During the spring season, Sheppard Contemporary will be hosting extended hours for the days and times listed below.  In an effort to collaborate with other School of the Arts events, as well as provide further opportunities to our patrons to visit the gallery we will be keeping the gallery open for specific hours outside of our regular gallery hours. We understand that many of you work during the time that the gallery is open,  making  it  difficult to visit the exhibitions  and experience our programming.  We’d  like to take this time to offer you that opportunity.  Please note the days and time below and come  pay us a visit!  
Friday,  March  1st,  5:00  pm  -­‐  7:30  pm  
Saturday, March  2nd,  3:00  pm  -­‐  8:00 pm  
Friday,  March  8th,  5:00  pm  -­‐ 7:30  pm  
Saturday,  March  9th,  3:00  pm  -­‐  7:30  pm  
Wednesday,  March  13th,  5:00  pm  -­‐  8:00  pm  
Thursday,  March  14th,  5:00  pm  -­‐  8:00  pm  
Friday,  March  15th,  5:00  pm  -­‐  8:00  pm
Saturday,  April  6th,  3:00  pm  -­‐  7:30  pm  
Saturday,  April  13th,  3:00  pm  -­‐  7:30  pm  
Friday,  April  19th,  5:00  pm  -­‐  7:30  pm  
Saturday,  April  20th,  3:00  pm  -­‐  7:30  pm  
Friday,  April  26th,  5:00  pm  -­‐  7:30  pm  
Saturday,  April  27th,  3:00  pm  -­‐  7:30  pm  
Friday,  May  3rd,  5:00  pm  -­‐  8:00  pm  
Saturday,  May  4th,  5:00  pm  -­‐  8:00  pm  
Friday,  May  18th,  11:00  am  –  5:00  pm  

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Gallery programming is supported by the following organizations: