Department Events

Department Events schedule:

March  4  -­‐  15,  2013:  Gallery  South:   BFA  Midway  Exhibition      
Reception  Thursday  March  7  (subject  to  change),  5:00pm  –  7:00pm  
Feb.  25  –  March  22,  2013:  Sheppard  Contemporary:    
Reconstruct:  Ana  Kapodistria  &  Traci  Griffin  co‐curated  by  Megan  Berner/Ahren  Hertel  
  Artist  Lecture:  Thursday,  February  28th  5:30  –  6:30  pm,  CFA  153  
  Reception  to  follow  in  Sheppard  Contemporary  
Feb.  25  –  March  22,  2013:  McNamara  Gallery:  Student  Exhibition  2:  Erin  Shearin  
  Reception:  Thursday,  February  28th  
March  25  -­‐  April  5:  Gallery  South:   BFA  Thesis  Exhibition    
Reception  Thursday,  March  28  (subject  to  change),  5:00pm  –  7:00pm  
Wednesday,  April  3rd  ,  5:30-­‐6:30pm,  Visiting  Artist  Lecture  
Steve  Lambert,  Activist  and  Artist,  Assistant  Professor,  State  University  of  New  York  (SUNY),  Purchase.    Wednesday,   Pending  Funding  -­‐  Location  TBD,
April  1  –  26,  2013:  Sheppard  Contemporary:   Two  by  Land:  Nicole  Donnely  &  Katherine  Sandoz  co-­‐curated  by  Megan  Berner/Ahren Hertel  
  Artist  Lecture:  Thursday,  April  4  5:30  –  6:30  pm,  MIKC  124  
  Reception  to  follow  in  Sheppard  Contemporary  
April  1  –  26,  2013:  McNamara  Gallery:  Exhibition  3:  Priscilla  Varner  
  Reception:  Thursday,  April  4  
Wednesday,  April  17th,  4pm  WRB  2023  Honors  Program  2013  Great  Presentations  
  Joseph  DeLappe,  Professor  of  Art,  UNR  Department  of  Art,  

April  8  -­‐  19,  2013:  Gallery  South:  Emily  Rogers  MFA  Thesis  

Thursday,  April  18th,    5:30-­‐6:30pm,  Visiting  Artist  Lecture  
Dr.  Rocio  Aranda-­‐Alvarado,  Curator,  El  Museo  del  Barrio,  NYC  
Date  and  Location  TBD 
April  22  -­‐  May  3,  2013:  Gallery  South:  Brian  Krueger  MFA  Thesis  Exhibition      
Artist  Lecture  and  Gallery  Reception,  Thursday,  April  25  
May  2  –  17,  2013:  Sheppard  Contemporary:  Annual  Juried  Student  Exhibition  
  Guest  Juror  Lecture  and  Presentation:  Thursday,  May  2nd  5:30  –  6:30,    MIKC  124  
  Reception  and  award  presentation  to  follow  in  Sheppard  Contemporary  


Off Campus Lectures of Interest:

OSX  Gallery  
Thursday,  February  7th,  5:00-­‐7:00pm,  OXS  Gallery,  716  N.  Carson  Street,  Carson  City
Peter  Goin,  Arboles  de  Cholula  (Trees  of  Cholula)    
The  Nevada  Museum  of  Art    
(Visit for  complete  exhibition  schedule)  
Art  Bite  Talks  
Friday  February  8,    12:00  pm  –  1:00  pm  Art  Bite,  Nevada  Museum  of  Art  
Kim  Abeles  on  From  Studio  to  Street    Meet  Los  Angeles  artist  Kim  Abeles  and  learn  about  her artistic  practice  and  its  relation  to  social  and  environmental  concerns.    
Friday  March  15,  2013,  12:00  pm  –  1:00  pm  Art  Bite,  Nevada  Museum  of  Art  
Meet  the  Artist:  Frohawk  Two  Feathers  Frohawk  Two  Feathers  is  the  artistic  alter-­‐ego  of  Umar  Rashid,  a  performer,  writer  and  artist  whose  work  is  filled  with  real  and  imagined  colonial  histories  and  often  takes  the  form  of  mixed  media  paintings.    
Friday  March  29,  2013,  12:00  pm  –  1:00  pm  Art  Bite,  Nevada  Museum  of  Art  
Meet  the  Artist:  Cecile  Chong  on  Voces  y  Visiones    
Cecile  Chong  is  an  Ecuador-­‐born,  New  York-­‐based  mixed  media  artist  whose  work  addresses  ideas  
about  cultural  assimilation  and  individual  identity.    
Capital  City  Arts  Initiative  
(Visit for  complete  exhibition  and  events  schedule)  
Nevada  Neighbors  
Wednesday  February  20th,  7pm  Carson  City  Library  
Aaron  Moulton,  "The  Politics  of  Storytelling"  
Wednesday  March  27th,  7pm  Carson  City  Library  
  Scott  MacLeod,  Bay  Area  Contemporary  Art