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Freshman Advising

Incoming Freshman Chemistry Major Advising

Note: Most of this webpage applies only to freshman Chemistry majors. Other incoming freshmen should visit the Chemistry Course Advising webpage for course and placement information.

All incoming freshman students are automatically registered in courses based upon their declared major and test scores ("Advanced Registration"). The pre-assigned schedule can be modified when you meet with a chemistry advisor during your orientation program. If you are unable to attend orientation, review the information on the New Freshman Homepage.

Additional Advising Information

How to arrange an academic advising appointment

You can be advised in an office visit, by email, or by phone. To get started, contact:

  • Professor Sarah Cummings, Chemistry Major Advisor (Room 123 Chemistry Building, 775-682-6457)
  • Or contact the Chemistry Department Office, Room 213 Chemistry Building, 775-784-6041

How to register for classes

After you have received advising and registration authorization, register for your classes using MyNevada.

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