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Student Safety

Student Safety Questions

After carefully reading the document "Safety Information for Students in Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratory Courses" you should be able to answer the following questions. If not, review the information to find the correct answer. Print this page, answer the questions, sign, and turn in to your teaching assistant.

  • During what part of the laboratory do you have to wear safety goggles?

  • What is the difference between safety glasses and goggles?

  • What is a MSDS?

  • Where can you find a MSDS?

  • What are the proper responses to a lab fire?

  • How and where do you dispose of broken glass?

  • What is the most common injury that occurs in the laboratory?

  • When can you dispose of chemicals down the sink?

  • What disciplinary action will result if you fail to follow the safety procedures?

  • What is the general procedure if you cut yourself? Why do you want to avoid transfer of blood to others?

  • What does the red arrow on the hood mean?

  • From your lab bench, where are the nearest emergency eyewash and safety shower?

  • To whom must you report special medical conditions (e.g. pregnancy or epilepsy) that could pose problems in the laboratory?

Have you read (and completed if necessary) the Self-Identification for Emergency Assistance Form (yes or no)?

Signed: _____________________________________ (Please sign your name)

Print your name: ________________________________ Date: ____________

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