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Note: These by-laws are being updated with a final vote due in mid-December, 2016

I. Purpose

The aim of The Center for Advanced Study is to recognize, facilitate and promote research and scholarship at the University of Nevada, Reno.

II. Governance

A. Fellows

  1. Recipients of the University of Nevada, Reno Outstanding Research Award will be invited to join The Center as Fellows.
  2. Fellows are elected for life.
  3. A majority of the Fellows will constitute a quorum. All decisions shall be by majority vote of those present.

B. Director

  1. The executive officer of The Center shall be called the Director and be selected from among the Fellows by a majority vote of the Fellows.
  2. The term of office of the Director shall be two years.
  3. The Director shall take office beginning July 1.
  4. The election of the Director shall take place between March 15 and May 15.

C. Visiting Fellows

  1. Visiting Fellows are appointed by the Director after being nominated by one or more Fellows and approved by majority vote of the Fellows.
  2. The term of the Visiting Fellow may vary from two months to a year.

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