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Purchasing Card Program

Program Contacts

Error, Disputes, Returns & Credits

  • JP MorganChase Customer Service Department:
    7am-7pm CST Monday-Friday
  • JP Morgan Chase Fraud Department 1-888-297-0778

Lost or Stolen PCards

  • JP MorganChase
    24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • UNR PCard Team (775) 784-1203

Copy of Charge/Credit Slip

  • JP MorganChase Customer Service Department
  • 1-800-316-6056
  • 7am-7pm CST Monday-Friday

Purchasing Card Management Changes

University Purchasing Card Administrator

Robert Andrews - (775) 784-1203

Thank you for participating in the University of Nevada, Reno's PCard program. The PCard program is intended to reduce the costs associated with the procurement/buying process. Some of the advantages of the program include the following:

  • Greater flexibility to be able to buy & procure competitively
  • To improve vendor relationships
  • Save money for the university
  • Easier to purchase low dollar transactions.

To make this program successful for you and the university, the following are some of the guidelines we need every cardholder to follow:

  • Each purchasing card transaction cannot exceed the preset limit. This amount is set between $1,999.99 and $4,999.99 including delivery, shipping, and/or special handling charges. Splitting a charge to not exceed the per item limit is considered a purchasing violation and may result in loss of PCard privileges.
  • No personal purchases are allowed. Purchased items/services must be made for the use and benefit of the university.
  • No State of Nevada sales tax should be charged to any purchases. UNR's Federal Tax ID Number is #886000024. Please see The State of Nevada Department of Taxation for additional information.
  • Assure there is proper account coding of all expenses and sufficient budgeted funds are available in the account to be charged to cover the expenses.
  • The business purpose for the purchase must be documented on the PCard statement that is forwarded to the PCard office for auditing..
  • Return semi-monthly purchasing card statements with receipts to the PCard office (MS 124) within the specified time frames for each reporting period.
  • Identify a contact person for each card who will edit the incoming PCard transactions via the PaymentNet System.
  • Report all lost or stolen cards immediately to our processing bank JP MorganChase at 1-800-316-6056 and to the PCard Department (784-1203). The UNR police department may also need to be contacted at 784-4013.

Obtain original itemized receipts/invoices when making a purchase. The receipt must contain the following information:

  • Business Name and Address
  • Itemization of Purchase
  • Total Amount Paid
  • Date of Purchase
  • Business Purpose may be written on the receipt

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