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Student Advising

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Fundamental Life Sciences

The education of students is one of the fundamental reasons why CABNR exists. We value our students, and as we prepare you for your professional life, we want your experience at UNR to be rewarding.

The materials on this web site should serve to answer your basic questions as you navigate around all of the academic requirements at the same time as making the University of Nevada, Reno your new home.

We strongly encourage you to meet with your advisor on a regular basis. For additional help, Student Center in the CABNR Dean’s Office is another resource you can use. In addition to what the College provides, there are also a vast amount of resources at the University level. These resources exist to assist you, please make use of them.

Our goal is to help make your time here at the University of Nevada, Reno and CABNR as positive an experience as possible. We welcome any feedback you may want to provide. If additional material would be helpful, please let CABNR Student Center know.

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