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Tom Dilts


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  • Yang, J., Dilts, T., Condon, L. A., Turner, P. L., Weisberg, P. J. 2010, Longitudinal- and Transverse-scale Environmental influences on riparian vegetation across multiple levels of ecological organization., Landscape Ecology. 26 (3) 381-395 Read More...
    Dilts, T., Yang, J., Weisberg, P. J. 2010, The Landscape Similarity Toolbox: new tools for optimizing the location of control sites in experimental studies., Ecography
  • Large-scale manipulative experiments are critically important for linking ecological theory with land management at a relevant spatial scale. Statistically powerful inferential approaches such as the before-after-control-impact design involve pairing a small number of treatment sites with control sites of analogous ecological structure and landscape context. Pairing treatment and control sites that are as analogous as possible is an important step to ensuring that differences are due to a treatment effect. The Landscape Similarity Toolbox provides tools for optimizing the location of potential control sites based upon the spatial characteristics of the treatment site.
  • Dilts, T., Sibold, J. S., Biondi, F. 2009, A weights-of-evidence model for mapping the probability of fire occurrence in Lincoln County, Nevada., Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 99(4), 712-727.
  • Dilts, T., Yang, J., Weisberg, P. J. 2010, Mapping riparian vegetation with LiDAR data: Predicting plant community distribution using height above river and flood height., Redlands, California: ArcUser

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