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Economics Research and Working Papers

Econ discussion group

The College of Business Economics Department Working Paper Series presents research on a wide variety of topics including gaming, the productivity of various industries, healthcare, regional economic development, and the economic benefits and costs of natural resource and environmental management.

Selected Publications since 2006

Bhattacharyya, A., Parker, E. & Raffiee, K. (2009). An examination of the effect of ownership on the relative efficiency of public and private water utilities, Economics of Water Resources 2:151-63.

Bravo, D., Mukhopadhyay, S. & Todd, P.E. (2010). Effects of school reform on education and labor market performance: evidence from Chile's universal voucher system, Quantitative Economics 1(1):47-95.

Cargill, T.F. (2009). Lessons from Japan, Central Banking, February:57-64.

Cargill, T.F. & F. Guerrero (2007), Japan's deflation: A time-inconsistent policy in need of an inflation target, International Finance 10(2):115-130.

Cargill, T.F., Jurosky, J. & Wendel, J. (2008). Implementing economics standards: a pilot transition program, Journal of Economic Education 39(2):126-34.

Cargill, T. F., & T. Mayer (2006). The effect of changes in reserve requirements during the 1930s: The evidence from nonmember banks, Journal of Economic History 66(2):1-16.

Cargill, T.F. & Sakamoto, T. (2008). Japan Since 1980 (Cambridge University Press).

Dong, X, Song, S. & Zhu, H. (2011). Industrial structure and economic fluctuation - evidence from China, Social Science Journal 48:468-477.

Eadington, W.R. (2011). After the Great Recession: the future of casino gaming in America and Europe. Economic Affairs 31(1):27-33.

Gan, L., Li, D. & Song, S. (2006). Is the Zipf's Law spurious in explaining city-size distribution?, Economics Letters 92:256-262.

Garrett, T.A. & Nichols, M.W. (2008). Do casinos export bankruptcy?, Journal of Socio-Economics 37:1481-94.

Guerrero, F. & Parker, E. (2006). Deflation and recession: finding the empirical link, Economics Letters 93(1):12-17.

Hammond, G.W. & Tosun, M.S. (2011). The impact of local decentralization on economic growth: evidence from U.S. counties, Journal of Regional Science 51(1):47-64.

Hu, W., Cox, L., Harris, T.R. & Wright, J. (2008). Understanding firm's relocation decisions using self-reported factor importance rating, The Review of Regional Studies 38:67-88.

Kahanec, M. & Tosun, M.S. (2009). Political economy of immigration in Germany: attitudes and citizenship aspirations, International Migration Review 43(2):263-291.

Kobayashi, M., Moeltner, K. & Rollins, K. (2012). Latent threshold analysis of choice data with multiple bids and response options, American Journal of Agricultural Economics 94(1):189-208.

Kobayashi, M., Rollins, K. & Evans, M.D.R. (2010). Sensitivity of WTP estimates to definition of 'yes': reinterpreting expressed response intensity, Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 39(1):1-17.

Li, D. & Song, S. (2008). Property tax in urban China, China and World Economy 16(4):48-63.

Li, M., Liu, W. & Song, S. (2010). Export relationships among China, Japan, and South Korea, Review of Development Economics 14(3):547-62.

Lu, Z. & Song, S. (2006). Rural-urban migration and wage determination, China Economic Review 17(3):337-345.

Martino, S. & W.R. Eadington (2010). Allocation of gaming licenses and establishment of a bid process: the case of Kansas, 2008 and 2009, UNLV Gaming Research & Review 14(1):37-54.  

Melkonyan, T. & Pingle, M. (2010). Ambiguity, pessimism, and rational religious choice, Theory and Decision 69(3):417-38.

Mukhopadhyay, S. & Pingle, M. (2010). Private money as a competing medium of exchange, Journal of Macroeconomics 32(2):541-554.

Mukhopadhyay, S. & Wendel, J. (2008). Are prenatal care resources distributed efficiently across high-risk and low-risk mothers?, International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics 8(3):163-79.

Mukhopadhyay, S. (2008). Do women value marriage more? The effect of obesity on cohabitation and marriage in the U.S.A., Review of Economics of the Household 6(2):111-26.

Mukhopadhyay, S. (2012). The effects of the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act on female labor supply, International Economic Review 53(4):1133-53.

Mukhopadhyay, S., Wendel, J., Lee, W. & Yang, W. (2008). Analyzing the impact of prenatal care on infant health: do we have useful input and output measures?, Economics Bulletin 9(22):1-14.

Nichols, M.W., Hendrickson, J.M. & Griffith, K. (2011). Was the financial crisis the result of ineffective policy and too much regulation? An empirical investigation, Journal of Banking Regulation 12(3):236-51.

Nichols, M.W. & Tosun, M.S. (2008). The income elasticity of gross casino revenues: short-run and long-run estimates, National Tax Journal 61(4):635-52.

Parker, E. & Pingle, M. (2006). The distributional effects of selection and capital accumulation on firm productivity under imperfect capital markets, Empirical Economics 31(3):677-97.

Parker, E. & Thornton, J. (2007). Fiscal centralization and decentralization in Russia and China, Comparative Economic Studies 49(4):514-42.

Pingle, M. (2010). Looking under the hood: exploring assumptions and finding behavioral economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 73(1):73-76.

Reum, A.D. & Harris, T.R. (2006). Exploring firm location beyond simple growth models: a double hurdle application, The Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy 36:45-67.

Rollins, K., Castledine, A. & Dumitras, D.E. (2008). Congestion effects: a comparative analysis of multiple backcountry recreation activities, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 56:95-116.

Siu, R. & W.R. Eadington (2007). Between the law and custom: examining the interaction between the legislative evolution and the progress of Macao's casino industry, International Gambling Studies 7(1):1-28.

Skidmore, M. & Tosun, M.S. (2011). Property value assessment growth limits, tax base erosion, and regional in-migration, Public Finance Review 39(2):256-87.

Tian, X., Lo, V.I., Lin, S. & Song, S. (2011). Cross-region FDI productivity spillovers in transition economies: evidence from China, Post-Communist Economies 23(1):105-18.

Tosun, M.S. & Skidmore, M. (2007). Cross-border shopping and the sales tax: a reexamination of food purchases in West Virginia, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy 7(1), Article 63.

Tosun, M.S. (2008). Endogenous fiscal policy and capital market transmissions in the presence of demographic shocks, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 32(6):2031-60.

Tosun, M.S., Williamson, C. & and Yakovlev, P. (2012). Population aging, elderly migration and education spending: intergenerational conflict revisited, Public Budgeting and Finance 32(2):25-39.

Zheng, S., Wang, Z., Song, S. & Zhong, Y. (2011). Farmers' behaviors and performance in cooperatives: case study in Jilin Province of China, Social Science Journal 48:449-457.

Zheng, S., Wang, Z., Wang, H.H. & Song, S. (2010). Do nutrition and health affect migrant workers' income? Some evidence from Beijing, China, China and World Economy 18(5):105-124.

Zhuo, C. & Song, S. (2008). Efficiency and technology gap in China's agriculture: a meta-frontier analysis, China Economic Review 19:287-296.

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