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Advanced Management Program

Why pursue Executive training?

"Executive education is now an essential tool for implementing strategy...Growth requires leadership from the middle, the teams of managers and engineers who are technically expert and operationally focused, and importantly are the ones in touch with the customer...This is where executive training can make all the difference, developing in them innovation capability that includes customer understanding, business judgment and a mindset of controlled experimentation."

-- David Newkirk, CEO of Executive Education at the Darden School of Business, 
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A 12-Session Certificate Program for High-Potential Managers

Offered in partnership with the University’s College of Business and Extended Studies , the Advanced Management Program (AMP) is an excellent opportunity to examine and prepare for the dynamic challenges facing today’s companies and organizations. Developed and taught by accomplished University faculty, and certified by the HRCI, this well-established program will help refine your management skills and broaden your understanding of up-to-the-minute business theory and practice. Convenient evening sessions focus on key concepts, tools and techniques needed to help you manage and lead in today’s challenging business environment.

AMP Managerial and Business Applications is designed specifically for:

  • Experienced managers looking for a practical foundation in current business theory and practice
  • Technical professionals making the transition to management
  • Small-business owners seeking to become conversant in a variety of business processes
  • Executives or business graduates wishing to update their business skills and education
  • Those who want to broaden their understanding of how functional business areas interrelate
  • Professionals considering pursuit of a graduate degree who want an overview of the University’s MBA program*

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