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Finding the Right Career

Students may access the College of Business' Student Outreach Office for Career Services once declared into a business major, including pre-business. The office provides business students with advice and information on the job search process, career choices and employment options. Workshops and information sessions are sponsored each semester to enhance student knowledge in career planning and to provide an understanding of community and employment opportunities. Each student is encouraged to utilize every resource provided in the Student Outreach Office in preparation for graduation. It is never too early to start planning for the future!

Career Exploration

Exploring a career and industry sector is one of the first steps in identifying a rewarding career path. The Student Outreach Office has a variety of resources to assist students with exploring different careers within their major field as well as learn about companies and organizations who might employ them upon graduation.

Informational Interviewing:

Informational interviews provide students seeking advice and contacts in their field of study information on career paths, educational endeavors and work experience.  Interviews may be conducted via phone, email or in-person depending on the preference of the community contact.

Job Shadow/Mentor:

A job shadow is an opportunity for a student to “shadow” an employer for a period of time, generally 2-8 hours during the workday or week.  Shadows provide exposure to the daily activities of the workplace, roles and responsibilities of full-time employment.

Recruiters on Campus

On-campus recruitment is conducted in the spring and fall semesters. It is an opportunity for students to interview with recruiters on-campus for internships and full-time positions available following  graduation. Many employers look to interview students from the last semester in their junior year through one semester after graduation.

On-Campus Recruiters Schedule

Announcements of the companies, positions available and interview dates are distributed throughout the College of Business on bulletin boards, over the Business Buzz list serve, in the student newsletter, on the college’s calendar of events and through class announcements by the faculty and staff.

Job Search Process

There are a number of steps in the job search process which can take a lot of time in terms of preparation.  Many of the steps you can prepare for in advance.

If you are unsure of what type of job you would be good at, what opportunities are available or how you would prepare, please contact the Student Outreach Office to set an appointment to assist you in developing your job search plan.

The following are the basic steps in finding and applying for an internship/job opportunity.

  • Step 1: Assess skills and interests
  • Step 2: Match skills and interests with occupation
  • Step 3: Research occupations
  • Step 4: Look for jobs
  • Step 5: Create a resume
  • Step 6: Prepare cover letter
  • Step 7: Prepare application
  • Step 8: Interview skills
  • Step 9: Research companies
  • Step 10: Interview follow-up
  • Step 11: Background check
  • Step 12: Salary negotiation

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