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Instructional Lab Reservation Policy

NOTE: No reservations will be confirmed or posted until one week before the semester begins.

  • All reservations must be in by the end of the first week of classes for the semester. After the end of the first week of the semester requests will be granted on a first come first serve basis. Reservation of the labs is at the discretion of the Director of IT and the Manager of the College labs. The policy below can be overridden as special circumstances dictate.
  • Reservations will only be taken by using the web form located here.
  • No reservations will be taken before the last day of the semester listed on the University's academic calendar prior to the semester you are requesting a reservation. (The last day of spring semester for the fall semester; last day of fall for spring semester.)
  • All reservations for a class requiring the lab for more than four class periods will be due two Mondays before the first day classes begin. All other reservations (<=3) are due one Monday before the first day of classes in order to resolve any conflicts.
  • "One Consecutive Rule": You will only be allowed to schedule consecutive courses Once during the semester (Example: Tuesday and Thursday The Same Week, or Thursday and the following Tuesday)
  • Reservations will have two full class periods between reservations for the same course except for the "1 Consecutive rule" stated above.
  • Classes that meet once per week (3 hour classes) will have one full class period between reservations.
  • No course will be allowed more than seven reservations (totaling 10.5 Hours) during a semester at initial booking. If the lab is still not reserved 14 days before an empty time block a faculty member can reserve that time on a first come first serve basis. If two faculty reserve the same dates/times, each faculty member will be sent an email to pick alternative times, and then if the schedule does not work, the College's Labs Manager will place each faculty member in the lab one day at a time alternating between faculty members.
  • Reservations for exams other than final exams are counted in the seven total reservations.
  • Reservations during finals week do not count toward the seven reservations.
  • Beginning in fall 2010, no course is allowed to reserve both instructional labs during the same time block expect during non peak time. Non peak times are Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and during normal lab hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you plan to hold required lab hours outside of scheduled class times, be sure to work with your chair to ensure the proper wording is added to the class schedule so that students are informed prior to registering for the class.
  • Lab reservations must be for use of computers, not just the projector.
  • It is expected that the faculty member who reserves a lab, or their designated assistant, will be present in the lab with a class during the time the lab has been scheduled.  The faculty member or their designated assistant is responsible for the lab and the activities that occur in the lab during the time the lab is scheduled.
  • If plans change so that a lab session is not needed, the lab manager must be advised as soon as possible so that other classes may  have an opportunity to use the lab or so that students can know that the lab is available for open-access use.
  • It is expected that the lab reservation will be used for instruction, not for homework or group work without the instructor or designated assistant present.
  • Lab reservations are for the academic needs of College of Business students. Any other reservation of the labs is at the discretion of the Labs Manager

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