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Executive Council

President: Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez

Maria graduated from Beatty High School in 2011.  She is currently a senior majoring in Marketing with a minor in Communication.  Her main goal is to one day achieve an executive position with a company that she loves and is passionate about.  Maria is currently the President of the Business Student Council and a member of the Peer Mentors Program.  She enjoys being active, watching good movies, and spending time with her friends.

Vice President: Abhay Sharma

Abhay Sharma

Abhay is a junior at the University and is pursuing a dual major in Accounting and Finance. He has served as one of the ASUN Senators for the College of Business and also the Recorder for the Business Student Council. Other than that he is a brother of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter, and a member of DOSA (Diverse Organization of South Asia). His goal is to promote professionalism to all the students through several workshops throughout the year. In his free time he likes to read and go out to have fun.

Treasurer: Alan Ortiz

Alan Ortiz

Alan Ortiz is a senior majoring in Information Systems. He is an active member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. His goal is to help ensure that every College of Business student knows that BSC is here to voice their concerns and follow up with appropriate action.

External Relations Chair: Luke Tanaka

Alix Collaro

Luke is a senior at the University majoring in Accounting. He is involved with many organizations such as Circle K International, Honors Ambassadors and Phi Kappa Phi. His goal is to graduate and proceed to work for one of the Big Four firms before pursuing an MBA. Hiking, backpacking, camping and surfing are some of his interests.

Secretary: Miwako Schlageter

Miwako Schlageter

Miwako is a senior who is majoring in International Business, and Marketing with a minor is Japanese Studies. She is involved with many clubs such as Circle K International, Business Peer Mentors and in also a Honors Ambassador. One very interesting fact about her is that English is her native language but she learned how to read and write Japanese first.

Marketing Chair: Melissa Perez Rios

melissa perez rios

Melissa is a sophomore at the University majoring in Marketing. She is a first generation college student hoping to one day work for a Fortune 500 company. Her goals within the council are to promote the involvement of new and incoming students throughout the university by encouraging participation and letting people know what events are going on. Melissa enjoys art, smelling scented waxes, and listening to scary movies.

Membership & Social Chair: Kelsey Hannah

Kelsey Hannah

Kelsey is a Junior majoring in Management with a minor in Spanish. She wants to pursue a Human Resources career in the Sports Industry. She is a sister of the Kappa Alpha Theta- Beta Mu chapter at the University and is also involved in Enactus. She enjoys spending time with her friends and trying new tea flavors. 

Advisor: Jim McClenahan

Jim McClenahan

Jim McClenahan serves as the Director of Corporate Relations and Outreach for the College of Business.  In this position, he is responsible for connecting graduate students to the business community through events, internships and providing contacts for career opportunities.  He is also responsible for recruitment of new graduate students and administering the Corporate Partners program at the College of Business.  Jim administers the Nevada Global Business Program, which is designed to give graduate and undergraduate students short, experiential, international course experience.

  In the community, he serves as the Chairman of the Board for The Chamber (the merged Northern Nevada and Reno Sparks Chamber).  He serves on the boards of the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (EDAWN) and previously Western Industrial Nevada (WIN).

Council Members

Alix Collaro

Alix Collaro

Alix Collaro is a senior at the university majoring in Marketing. She is currently a part of the Disney College Program, furthering her education in Disney World in California. 

Alyssa Yocom

alyssa yocom

Alyssa is a sophomore pursuing a double major in Finance and Economics. She is involved in many clubs on campus including Circle K International and Honors Ambassadors. She loves the summertime because she loves warm weather, running, and hiking. She is hoping to further develop the professionalism and networking opportunities of The College of Business and serve as a voice for The College's students through her role in BSC.

Branden Harris

branden harris

Branden Harris is a sophomore in accounting. His goals for the council are to promote The College of Business to all his fellow business students and get them active in The College. In his free time he loves mountain biking, wake boarding, off-roading, hunting, rock climbing, and anything outside in the summer. 

Ron Delos Santos

Ron Delos Santos

Ron is a Management major and senior at the University.  His plan for the future is to hopefully attend graduate school to obtain an Educational Leadership degree and work student services in higher education. He is affiliated with ASUN and is also a brother of the Alpha Tau Omega chapter.

Theo Meek

Theo Meek

Theo is a senior at the University of Nevada pursuing his Bachelors of Business Administration with a major in Management. Currently Theo serves as the BSC President and holds memberships in the Business Student Council, Nevada Student Ambassadors, the ASUN Clubs and Orgs department, Business Peer Mentors, and the Management and Human Resources Association. Theo loves spending time at Nevada, and has made higher education his passion, of which he hopes to pursue at the advanced degree level. Theo is dedicated to making the College of Business, and the University of Nevada an innovative leader in undergraduate academics and student support.

Steve Bezick

Steve Bezick

Steve is a senior, majoring in Economics and Finance. Outside of the business student council, he is currently serving as an ASUN Senator for the College of Business, and the Vice President of IFC. He is a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon. In his free time Steve enjoys skiing and golfing.

Will Bouldin

Will Bouldin

Will is a senior from Brea, CA majoring in Accounting. Will is a member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. Will also works as a Supplemental Instruction Leader and a peer tutor. Will's goals for the College of Business include closing the communication gap between students and administration and to advocate for student involvement across campus. In his spare time he enjoys watching sports and spending times with friends and family.

Ziad Rashdan

Ziad Rashdan

Ziad is a senior, double majoring in Economics and Finance. He has served as the ASUN President and is a member of Delta Sigma Pi. In the past he has been affiliated as a member of Peer Mentors, Financial Planning Association, and Omicron Delta Epsilon.

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