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Self-Supporting Budget Timeline

Important Dates for the Self-Supporting Budget Process

If you have not worked with self supporting budgets in the past or feel in need of a refresher, please enroll in one of our training sessions which will be held in Room 121 of the Knowledge Center each spring. Please register at Training.

  • April: Begin preparing self-supporting budgets with salary data pulled from the CAIS Human Resources/Look Up Info/Comprehensive Position Lists (updated via the CBE web tool)
  • May 1: Self-supporting budgets due to the Budget Office (MS 118 Clark Administration). Your Vice-President/Dean will likely require them earlier.  Budgets must be signed by the respective vice-president, dean, or the dean's designated fiscal officer prior to submission to the budget office.
  • Early each August the Budget Office processes a budget revision on each budgeted account to adjust the budgeted opening cash balance to the actual opening cash balance. The excess or shortfall will increase/reduce the amount budgeted in expense object 79 - ending account balance. If the needed revision cannot be processed, the appropriate college/division budget coordinator will be contacted and requested to process a budget revision.

Please contact the Budget Office at (775) 784-6516 with any questions.

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