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Published Positions Lists & Contract Budget Entry (CBE) system and Comprehensive Position List (CPL) training and timelines

Published Position Lists:


2015-2016 Position List

2014-2015 Position List

2013-2014 Position List


Contract Budget Entry (CBE) system and Comprehensive Position List (CPL) information and timelines:

FY2017 timelines will be available around February 2016.  Below are the timelines from FY2016.  

  • January 29th & 30th: CBE training by invitation only - Artemesia Building, Glazner Training Room. Invitees please register at Training.
  • February 28th: Self-Supporting Budget training - Knowledge Center, Room 121. Please register at Training.
  • March 1st: Draft Comprehensive Position Listing for the upcoming fiscal year will be available in CAIS/Human Resources/Look Up Information.
  • April 15th: Final merit steps need to be entered in the CBE. (preferably well prior to this date)
  • May 17th: Position Lists locked - no further department requested account line changes (apart from clearing ATBD account numbers) accepted in the CBE.

Please call ext. 46516 if you need additional assistance.

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