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About the Section

Chris Buchanan and Alen Woo - Section Leaders

Being a part of the Nevada Drumline is the most fulfilling thing I've ever done here at the University of Nevada. I've made all of my closest friends in the band and they are bonds that will last forever. Being a member of this section is very similar to being a part of the rest of the band, in that you wear a Nevada uniform, only you're in the BEST MOST FANTASTIC COOLEST SECTION OF ANY BAND TO HAVE EXISTED IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. The drumline plays the most at football games out of any section in the band because while we are part of the band, we can also play independently from them in the stands. Our music is fun and exciting and our educational staff is world class. We play clean beats and have fun doing it. Join the Nevada Marching Band you readers of this paragraph. It'll be the best decision you'll ever make( aside from going to the University of Nevada)

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