Dr. Brett Van Hoesen - Teaches for USAC Torino, Italy, Summer 2012

Contemporary Art, 1945-Present
(ART, 300-level, 3 credits, taught in English)

This course covers artists, art movements, and issues ranging from mid-century Europe and America to 21st century global centers. With the assistance of PowerPoint presentations, films, music, artists’ writings, art theory, and criticism, this course provides an interdisciplinary and international approach to the culture of contemporary art practices. Lectures are presented in conjunction with discussion activities. Course includes class visits to Galleria civica d’art moderna e contemporanea (GAM) and the Rivoli Castle – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea.

Torino Program Highlights:

  • Live in a large cosmopolitan center that celebrates modern culture.
  • Visit galleries and museums devoted to cutting edge contemporary art.
  • Learn Italian with natives, away from a tourist environment.
  • Bike the green parkways, take the metro, or tour the nearby Alps.
  • Shop for fresh produce at daily markets and enjoy authentic northern Italian cuisine.

Host University: SAA, University of Torino
Maximum program enrollment: 70 students
Minimum GPA: 2.5
Language of instruction: English/Italian Application deadline: May 1
For more information: http://usac.unr.edu