MFA Thesis Committee Declaration form

University of Nevada Reno, Department of Art
Master of Fine Arts Degree
Thesis Committee Declaration

A list of the chosen Department of Art MFA Thesis Committee members must be filed with the MFA Graduate Director by the end of the first term (fall) enrolled as an MFA student.

The Graduate School Representative Outside Committee Member may be declared in consultation with Department of Art Thesis Committee members and filed no later than the end of the second term (spring) of the first year. This faculty member must have UNR Graduate Faculty status.

Department of Art continuing professional faculty with UNR Graduate Faculty status must serve as the minimum three voting members of the Thesis Committee.

MFA Candidates Name:


Chair, MFA Thesis Committee (print)

Committee Member (print)

Committee Member (print)

Graduate School Representative (print)
(Outside Committee Member)

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Member’s signature / date

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