BFA Completion Form
BFA Midway form


*open to all BA-BFA to be awarded to undergraduate Art Majors attending the University of Nevada, Reno full-time during the 2014-2015 academic year in both studio and art history.

Procedures to apply:
1. View and print a "Request for Scholarship Assistance" Application here.
2. Read the complete form carefully, paying strict attention to the directions.
3. Complete ALL parts of the form which require written information.
4. Assemble all other elements of the application material[s] and submit this "package" on or before Febuary 15. 2014.
5. Remember that you are competing for financial support which is severly limited. Your application package should be complete and reflect care, concern, professional attention and consideration. If your application is incomplete or does not reflect such attention, you will not be considered for any award[s].
6. Questions regarding your application and/or the process through which the Committee goes before making decisions may be directed to Professors Jane Davidson, Michael Sarich, Howard Rosenberg or to our Department Manager, Wendy Ricco.

* All students are reminded that all awards are based upon application[s] and are not automatically renewed.
** The deadline for submission of all application packages is Febuary 15. 2014 at 5:00 p.m. in the Art Department Main Office - Church Fine Arts 209

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