November 2007 UNR Employee of the Month!
A big congratulation goes out to Fred Reid, UNR’s employee of the month for November! Fred is our well loved ceramics technician that has worked here in the art department since 1964. He is well known on campus as having a heart of gold and his recognition is long overdue. He is always willing to lend a hand to everyone in the art department, regardless of rank, specific department, or job they want help with.

Fred’s day to day activities alone goes far above and beyond his job requirements. He is an amazingly consistent individual of whom many of us rely on everyday.

He arrives at work at 6am every morning to unlock the building and get his day started. What’s more amazing is that he shows up at this same time even when he’s sick in order to unlock the building and return home to bed. One would think coming in to work on off days, such as the weekends, are above and beyond the call of duty. However, Fred takes this to a new level. In addition to coming in on the weekends to fire kilns, Fred often spends the night firing kilns full of student work. We can always count on Fred to be at school, on the job at 6am M-F. And he does this all on his own accord, without being asked. His initiative and dedication is beyond belief and his good deeds continue to go on and on.

Thank you Fred for all your hard work!!!


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