Eunkang Koh

Assistant Professor, Printmaking

Eunkang Koh received her B.F.A degree from Hong-Ik University in Seoul, Korea.  Before moving to Long Beach, California to receive her M.F.A., Ms. Koh traveled to, and exhibited in, a number of countries around the world, including Korea, Japan, Bulgaria, Great Britian, and United States.  This summer, Koh arrived in Reno with her cat, Miss Lola Pumpkin Muffin, to join the faculty at the University of Nevada, Reno. Through exhibiting her work nationally and internationally, she has shown her devotion to art and the art making process. Koh sees the world as an illusion, and believes that what we actually see is a perception that is programmed through mainstream cultures. In her work, she depicts interactions between human/animal hybrid creatures to address this subject matter.

phone # (775) - 784-4066

office: CFA/203




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