Winter Carrera

Winter Carrera received her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Nevada, Reno with a concentration in anthropology and the special related field of videography in 2009. Since graduation until current, Winter produces projects in environmental portrait photography and the documentary film genre. In addition to writing and directing independent short films, Winter has worked as a freelance assistant camera and lighting PA for projects exclusive to Discovery Studios, LLC, Sharp Entertainment in association with the Travel Channel, and KPI TV in association with National Geographic TV. In between projects, Winter can be found traversing the western landscape with an assortment of lighting gear, an imperturbable assistant, models, a great attitude, and cameras in order to creatively develop and produce commercial portraiture.

The collection of images featured is from both corporate and personal project portfolios. These images are a documentation of individuals in the western landscape. As the landscape continues to change from the rustic desert to the progressive cityscape, so do the people whom inhabit the land. The subject’s relationship to the elements of the middle ground and background is what establishes the emotional anecdote of the image. The work began with photographing the local indigenous population on the terrain in which they reside. Conversely, the work developed to include other populations featured in the cityscape in which they dwell. The majority of the photographs were made in Nevada with the arid desert, pluvial bodies of water, and modern concrete buildings serving as backdrops.

“As an image-maker and storyteller, my role was to develop images to portray my subjects and their reaction to the presented backdrop from an unbiased point of view. This was important in the image-making process in order to establish a solid relationship between the subject and myself. Further resulting with images that can be mainstream accessible.” –Winter Carrera